We pride ourselves on delivering trustee services of the highest quality, and firmly believe that satisfied clients are our best marketing tool. This is reflected in what they say about us.

We wanted someone who was properly qualified, had extensive knowledge and experience and a practical approach whom we could work with rather than against. I expect in this regard we are no different to many medium sized companies with old defined benefit schemes. We were glad to find Richard Butcher. His appointment strengthened the pension schemes’ governance for the benefit of the members whilst at the same time gave the company someone it could work with.

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Group Finance DirectorCarter Thermal Industries

When we launched our Master Trust proposition, we felt it was extremely important to appoint an independent trustee, and following a rigorous selection process we were delighted to appoint Pitmans Trustees Limited. Since our launch, we have continued to work closely with PTL and have strengthened our partnership. They are both pragmatic and positive in supporting our evolving developments, whilst still retaining a strong focus on good member outcomes.

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Michael CraigStandard Life

PTL was recommended to us and contact was quickly and easily established. It was apparent from our first contact that Steve would provide the type of service we were seeking. Steve has made himself readily available and provided timely and practical advice. I would have no hesitation recommending his services and by association those of PTL.

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Our Trustees have been most impressed by the service from PTL. In particular, your team always demonstrates excellent pensions knowledge and bring a wealth of Trustee experience to our meetings. We are particularly impressed with the way that you challenge Fund Managers at a level which is beyond the understanding of most of our Trustees.

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Finance ManagerLondon and Quadrant Group

Since their appointment across four defined benefit schemes in November 2010, PTL have provided a consistent, pragmatic and professional approach to the complexities of each scheme. Through PTL we have access to a wealth of experience which, for example, was especially invaluable when giving guidance relating to the legalities surrounding the CPI/RPI changes.

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Group Company SecretaryVolkerWessels UK Limited

Since he was appointed, Richard Butcher has helped us to adopt a strategic and structural approach to the governance of our scheme. He wants to help the Trustees and the Company to achieve their aim of securing the members’ benefits.

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Chairman of the TrusteesThe Littlejohn Frazer Retirement Benefits Scheme

Mabey Holdings Limited and the Trustees of the Mabey Pension Scheme were finding the burden of keeping all company and Member Nominated Trustees up to date and compliant with all legislation. This was becoming unduly time consuming and costly. Additionally, conflicts of interest were becoming a significant issue. PTL was initially appointed as an additional Trustee and demonstrated a practical, pragmatic and professional approach during a very difficult period. Two years on, PTL is now the sole Trustee of the Mabey Pension Scheme.

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Group Finance DirectorMabey Holdings Ltd

At LV=, we use PTL to help us with issues where we need specialist help. For example, they have recently helped us with our governance arrangements, making sure that we have robust processes for dealing with investment strategy in periods of stress, and in negotiations with the employer on contributions. What they brought to us was a clear understanding of what best practice looks like today and a practical, impartial view of what is a sensible compromise between the needs of the scheme and the employer. In doing this they have always been at pains to ensure that the Trustees understand and agree with the actions being proposed.

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Deputy Group Finance DirectorLV= Employee Pension Scheme

We appointed PTL in 2008. We have found this appointment to be one of the best decisions we have made. It has allowed us to free up Senior Management time within the business, negotiate complicated regulatory matters in a pragmatic and commercial manner, reduce our overall visible and ‘hidden’ administration costs and improve the service being received by the scheme beneficiaries.

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Chief Financial OfficerEsporta

Since instructing PTL, the trustee team feels far more confident and comfortable making decisions on the wide range of issues that are generated by the scheme. This includes changes in pension legislation, member and company issues. The meetings are more focused which enable quicker and more considered decisions. We definitely benefit from the professional, up to date knowledge and experience.

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Deloro Stellite Pension Plan

As our Independent Trustee Director, Richard Butcher delivers considerable experience, successfully gained the confidence of the Founder as well as the trust and respect of the remaining trustee directors. Our decision to appoint an Independent Trustee was driven by our concern about the cost of the scheme and its effect on the business.

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Partner and Trustee DirectorNabarro Pension Scheme

As Independent Trustee of our Pension Scheme, PTL bring a depth of knowledge, experience, expertise and professionalism to the trustee meetings that we as lay trustees and management representatives cannot hope to emulate and we appreciate their input, guidance and support on all aspects of the subject.

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Standard Group UK Pension Scheme & HR DirectorAlliance One International Services Ltd

Appointing PTL as a professional trustee has really helped with managing the pension scheme. The role of Paul Stanbridge as chair to the trustees has ensured we understand the duties and obligations of the trustees and the timescales within which the trustees must operate. Paul’s experience provides reassurance to me as a company appointed trustee.

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TrusteeNoble Denton Consultants Limited Pension Scheme

We have been working with PTL for many years and we have always received an excellent service. A small example of good service from PTL is that we always get a reply to our mails acknowledging receipt of query.

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TrusteeEmhart Glass (1998) Pension Plan

Your team have always been helpful, to myself and my fellow trustees, in informing us of our responsibilities and the actions necessary to ensure that we are fully compliant with statutory requirements.

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TrusteeCarter Executive Pension Plan

PTL have added value to our Board of Trustees by consistently providing us with high quality, independent advice. .

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We have instructed PTL to provide advice and guidance in the capacity as professional Pension Trustees and have always found them to be very collaborative and insightful in their approach to working with us.

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Group Director (Human Resources)London & Quadrant Group

We have worked with PTL on a number of diverse projects. In each instance they have demonstrated a depth of skill and knowledge which has helped us considerably in completing complex tasks to a very high standard.

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Pensions ManagerLV= Employee Pension Scheme

PTL brings invaluable professional knowledge and experience to the group, helping us to remain focused and operating in a disciplined manner in accordance with our responsibilities as trustees.

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TrusteeHertz Pension Plan

We have received years of sound advice on pension matters from PTL. Your continued participation gives us confidence that our team receives the professional and unbiased guidance in the governance of the scheme.

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Continental Landscapes