Running a pension scheme has become a very complex and demanding job, for both trustees and employers. In response, an increasing number of employers are turning to the sole trustee model.

The sole trustee model allows for significant flexibility and, for the right scheme, can result in greater flexibility and closer relationships between the employer, trustee and their advisers. This in turn can deliver greater efficiency and more effective decision making.

PTL has extensive experience of sole trusteeship and our team has been involved in many smooth transitions from traditional trustee boards to the sole trustee model.

Why appoint PTL as the sole trustee to your scheme

  • Speed up decision making and implementation of decisions
  • Improve the scheme’s governance by appointing a firm that specialises in pension trusteeship and maintains their training and development to the highest professional standards
  • Reduce overall costs by reducing adviser time and fees spent on training the trustee board and by scoping the advice required more tightly
  • Avoid issues relating to succession planning and conflicts of interest.