The FCA now requires all providers of non-advised drawdown to implement at least four “investment pathways”.

Providers of investment pathways will also be required to establish an independent governance committee (IGC) or governance advisory arrangement (GAA) by 6 April 2020.

PTL is the natural choice to provide your governance committee

Launched in 2015, the PTL GAA leads the market: according to the FCA, the PTL GAA is the largest in operation.

Appointing PTL to provide your GAA will fully meet your regulatory requirements, reassure your policyholders, and enhance your proposition.

The PTL GAA at a glance

  • The primary role of the GAA will be to ensure that pathway investors benefit from an independent assessment of value for money and ESG (environmental, social, and governance) policies
  • PTL has an unmatched track record of assessing value for money, a proven assessment methodology, and provides annual reports that fully meet the FCA’s requirements
  • Our approach to value for money assessment and ESG is informed by our work over several years on 10 DC master trusts, 5 IGCs and 13 GAA appointments

PTL is an award-winning provider of pension governance services.  We are the largest provider of DC governance and professional trusteeship in the UK by number of appointments.