PTL offers a flexible range of services for funeral trusts. We understand that the business models and working practices of funeral trusts can vary and, within the constraints of our role as trustee, we are able to advise on how full compliance can be maintained.

How PTL works with funeral trusts

We act as the trustee to the underlying trust in line with the requirements of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000

As trustee we ensure that:

  • The assets of the trust are wholly separate from those of the funeral plan company and held for the benefit of the planholders
  • An actuary is appointed, and appropriate actuarial advice is obtained and signed off, ensuring adequate funding of the trust is maintained
  • A Statement of Investment Principles is provided, outlining the investment objectives of the trust funds
  • Trust funds are invested in a prudent manner through a regulated independent fund manager, whose performance is monitored and challenged
  • A trust auditor and tax adviser are appointed, and the annual report and accounts for the trust commissioned
  • Management of the trustee bank account is carried out correctly.

Why choose PTL?

  • Peace of mind – we bring a depth of experience in maintaining the appropriate level of governance in our role as trustee
  • PTL is completely independent, and therefore impartial when reaching our decisions and keep this at arm’s length from the funeral trust provider