PTL is a leader in defined contribution pensions governance. We recognised early on that DC governance requires a distinctive skill set and approach, and have invested significant time and resource into developing the knowledge and competencies required to deliver good outcomes for scheme members and employers alike.

PTL has an unparalleled track record in DC governance: we work with employers across the UK on their single-employer DC trusts, and with the providers of major DC master trusts.

PTL’s  mission in the DC space is to:

“Provide robust and proactive defaults and an environment where members can make informed decisions”.

We have a proven track record of dealing with the key issues facing employers and trustees:

  • Driving forward value for members (including identifying “hidden” costs and risks)
  • Achieving meaningful engagement with members, through clear and effective communication strategies
  • Ensuring appropriate default investment strategies
  • Assuring legal compliance and mitigation of compliance risk
  • Dealing with the risks and opportunities around freedom and choice.