PTL has been providing professional trustee services since 1994, and defined benefit schemes are the mainstay of our work. The schemes we represent range in size from less than £50 million to over £40 billion, and we work with sponsoring employers from a wide range of industries, from across the UK and overseas.

Our team is highly expert in defined benefit funding, investment strategy, risk management and adviser management.

Our aim when appointed to DB schemes is to:

Secure the members’ benefits as soon as possible, and at the least cost to the sponsor.

Our approach is collaborative: we believe that working as a team with employers and advisers towards shared goals delivers the greatest benefit to pension scheme members.

Why appoint PTL to your DB pension scheme trustee board:

  • We bring a depth and breadth of experience
  • Integrated Risk Management (IRM) brings a new set of challenges to trustee boards, which we have worked through across our client base
  • Increased focus from The Pensions Regulator requires a clear strategy and a robust but collaborative working relationship with sponsors
  • Continual innovation in risk management solutions, investment strategies and liability management requires a nimble approach within tight timelines to achieve the best results. Having been through a variety of similar projects, from start to successful conclusion, PTL Client Directors can ensure your scheme is ready to take these decisions and act decisively.