With pension schemes becoming increasingly complex to govern, the role of Chair of Trustees has never been more important. At the same time, the range of skills that trustee Chairs must demonstrate is becoming increasingly demanding.

As professionals in trusteeship and governance, our team brings a breadth of pensions experience, depth of technical knowledge, and the soft skills required to perform this role at a high level.

If appointed as Chair of Trustees, PTL will provide energy and leadership, and help to get the most out of the trustee board. We will:

  • Effectively chair trustee and sub-committee meetings; ensuring that meetings run smoothly
  • Ensure that action points are followed up and acted upon
  • Make sure that the trustee board’s time is well managed and attention prioritised
  • Guide trustees through efficient and timely decision making processes
  • Assist with tailored training programmes
  • Liaise with the sponsoring employer, advisers, and other stakeholders.