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Britt Hoffmann-Jones

Head of Proposition Development

T: 03033 660 104

Britt joined PTL in November 2019 as the first dedicated Head of Proposition Development, focused on finding ways to further improve the PTL client experience.

Britt has re-joined the industry after taking a career break to start a family. Prior to this, she was Head of UK Defined Contribution Pensions at the River and Mercantile Group, and brings a wealth of experience advising both Defined Benefit (DB) and Defined Contribution (DC) pension schemes across traditional consulting and fiduciary management arrangements.

Britt’s experience includes working with trustees to define objectives, benefit adequacy analysis, member segmentation analysis, investment strategy, asset allocation, risk analysis, manager research and selection, as well as ongoing governance. She has also worked with trustees and their sponsoring employers to find ways of improving the member journey and outcomes by revisiting strategic objectives, reviewing contribution structures, improving communications strategy, and finding ways of better supporting members in the run up to and into retirement.

Britt has particularly strong experience in DC investment strategy, finding ways to reflect the sophistication of DB investments within DC strategy, where appropriate. She has been a regular speaker at industry events and is known for her ability to communicate complex issues simply. Britt is passionate about challenging convention, thinking creatively, and embracing innovation.

Britt’s multi-faceted background means that she is perfectly placed to understand the key issues facing pension schemes against a changing industry backdrop, and to find pragmatic solutions that balance the needs of members, trustees and their sponsoring employers.

Specialist Areas:

  • DC investment
  • DB investment
  • Liability Driven Investment
  • Risk Analysis
  • DC/DB governance
  • Manager selection
  • Development and delivery of training programs
  • Buy-outs and buy-ins

Memberships/Professional Bodies/Groups:

  • Investment Management Certificate, IMC

Personal Interests:

  • Mother to a toddler and two dogs
  • Innovations in the parent/baby product market
  • Property renovations
  • Running, HIIT and CrossFit
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Socialising and entertaining