A day in the life of… Sheryl Heath

Find out first hand, what it’s like being a pensions administrator at PTL from Sheryl Heath

What is your job role?

To assist independent trustees (managers and directors) with day to day tasks such as signing, billing, file management

What do you do?

Client invoicing, organising the sign off of documents, scanning and filing, taking meeting minutes. Generally assisting the managers and client directors in their day to day roles.

What are the most interesting aspects of your role?

There is a lot of variety in my role and I didn’t need to have any previous experience in the pensions industry and the training at PTL is very good.

When did you realise that being a professional trustee was an actual job?

When I came for my first interview at PTL two years ago.

What skills/qualifications do you need to be an administrator at PTL?

You don’t need any previous experience in the pensions industry but experience in admin is required. Common sense, good organisation skills and the ability to get on with a wide variety of people also helps.

What sets PTL apart from other firms of Independent Trustees?

We are made up of a team with a wide variety of backgrounds and experience with offices across the UK.

Sheryl joined PTL as an Administrator in April 2014. She assists the Client Directors & Managers in their day to day roles.

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